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What Is Nordic Walking, and Why Is It So Good for Your Heart?

Originally developed as an off-season workout for skiers, Nordic walking is all about full body engagement.

Feeling Alone in College? Here’s How Students Can Cope with Loneliness

Leaving for college is an exciting transition in life, but after the excitement wears off, you may feel isolated—but there are steps you can take to cope.

What Australia’s Flu Season Could Foreshadow for the U.S.

Here’s a preview of what we might expect in the U.S. during flu season this year.

Morning Mental Health: 4 Strategies to Start Your Day in a Mindful Way

Mindful morning routines can have numerous benefits, including bettering your mental health, boosting productivity, and even improving your personal relationships.

Do You Still Need to Tell People When You Have COVID?

Three years into the pandemic, a new wave of infections is spiking, and you do still need to tell your friends if you get Covid. Here's when to share and who to tell...

Is Titanium Dioxide Toxic? (And Why Is It in Your Food at All?)

This white pigment is used in many products, from paint to toothpaste - and it's also widely used in food, which may have you wondering about the safety of what you’re eating.

Feeling the Post-Vacation Blues? Here’s What You Can Do to Boost Your Mood

Post-vacation depression often sets in as you anticipate going back to your routine and the stresses of daily life

So, When Are We Getting Another COVID Booster?

You may be wondering if you need another booster shot to maintain a higher level of protection from the virus.

Back, Side, or Stomach… What’s the Best Position for Sleep?

Everyone has their preferences for what’s most comfortable—but which position is really best? The answer depends on a few factors...

What Businesses Need to Know About Mental Health in a Virtual World

Employers can make a difference now and in the future by providing their staff the health benefits they need and want – including telebehavioral health.

The Business Case for Integrating Virtual Teen Therapy Into Your Healthcare Program

When teens struggle mentally, so do their parents. Explore how virtual teen therapy boosts employee loyalty and morale by giving working parents greater peace of mind.

Monkeypox: What It Is and What You Should Know

It is important to recognize the symptoms of monkeypox, so you can get care as soon as possible if you suspect that you have been exposed to the virus.

Understanding the Mental Health Crisis Among Teens in the U.S.

The realities of being a teenager in the United States have changed dramatically over the last several decades. Take a closer look at the mental health crisis facing America’s adolescents.

Eat Like You Live in a Blue Zone — You Might Just Live Longer

Blue Zone dieting is a way of eating that mimics the lifestyle of people within specific regions where life expectancy is much longer than the worldwide average...

The Business Case for Virtual Primary Care

Discover how incorporating virtual primary care into your current healthcare program can actually boost the bottom line.

Anxiety vs. Stress—Spotting the Difference

Whether you are feeling stress, anxiety, or a little of both, it’s important to develop strategies to manage your symptoms in both the short and long-term.

Tips for Avoiding Ankle Injuries

It’s essential to use an abundance of caution with any ankle injury and follow a few practices to prevent injuries in the first place.

Talking to Kids About Conflict

As a parent, it’s important to know how to talk to children about global conflict in a productive and sensitive way. Here are some tips to help you guide the conversation.

Why You Want to Allow Employees to Choose Their Virtual Primary Care Provider

Allowing employees to choose their own virtual primary care provider fosters strong patient-doctor relationships, which leads to higher quality care and more satisfied, engaged and loyal employees.

What’s Wrong with Your Current Virtual Primary Care Program?

From intelligent referrals to allowing patients to choose their own doctor, learn what makes our end-to-end virtual primary care program stand out from the rest.