19 Action News checked out MeMD and had their own online visit

By Dan DeRoos

It’s hard to make yourself get out of bed when you’re sick. Add in the cold temperatures and you really don’t want to leave the house.

But these days, technology can bring the doctor to you. It’s being called “tele-medicine” and it’s where you literally have an examination on-line either through your phone or tablet.

One of the leading companies out there is MeMD.

With just about everyone having a camera now on their smart phones and tablets, heading to the doctor’s office for the routine illness may not be necessary. 19 Action News checked it out using an iPad and got connected with one of MeMD’s 250 physicians.

The doctor asks the same questions a physician in an office would. Things like have you taken your temp, are you achy and how long have you been sick. The doctors are all board certified, and have to be licensed in the state you are in.

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MeMD Brings the Doctor to You


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