Simple exercises for your eyes
Even if you are a physically active individual, there may be a major part of your body that you are neglecting to work out: your eyes. While the eyes do not need exercise like your muscles do, exercise will help your eyes rest after hours of staring at a computer screen or focusing intensely while driving. Here are a few exercises you can use to reduce eyestrain and potentially improve the quality of your vision.

Eyelid massage

If your eyes feel sore or weary, you can ease them with a short, gentle massage. Before trying eyelid massage, you should make sure that your hands are very clean to avoid irritation or infection. Apply minimal pressure as you rub your fingers in circles over your eyelids for about one to two minutes.

Eye rolls

When you are sitting in front of a screen for an extended period, a quick break will be good for your eyes. You can make the most of a moment turned away from the computer by relaxing and rolling your eyes clockwise, then counter clockwise several times. Pause briefly and blink before changing directions.

Focus exercises

Another way to stretch your eyes and relieve strain is with shifting focus exercises. Simply locate a distant object and focus your attention on it for about 10 seconds. Without moving your head, shift your focus to an object in your close field of vision. Continue this exercise five to 10 times


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