You probably have a hard enough time getting your boyfriend to take out the trash or remember to pick up dinner, so it might not be surprising if he’s fallen behind when it comes to getting his health checked. June is the right time to get him back on track and remind your fathers, brothers, and uncles to care for themselves too as Men’s Health Month comes to an end. Here are the top tips you should remember as you encourage all the men you care about to focus on their health.

Tie the knot

A recent study from the National Center for Health Statistics indicated that men who are happily married and those who are single are more likely to see a doctor than men living with significant others out of wedlock. So it might be just the time to put a ring on it (you know – to help your guy shift his perspective and think about long-term health.)

Stay up-to-date with screenings

A much more reliable way for your man to manage his health is with routine, but crucial, screenings that will evaluate his heart health, reveal possible signs of cancer, and test his hormone levels. Men over 40 will need more screenings than younger men—including chest X-rays and EKGs. Prostate exams are also important, but there is debate on how often these tests should be used and when they should begin.

Lay off the red meat

Heart health should be a primary concern for men of all ages, since heart disease is the number one killer of men in the United States. One of the most critical changes all men should make is a healthier, leaner diet. While steaks may top off the list of your sweetie’s favorite foods, they are not the healthiest option in terms of cholesterol and fat. A diet richer in vegetables and whole grains will be much more favorable for both his heart and yours! If he’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy, start with small changes like chicken and fish served with roasted potatoes and a green salad instead of steak and a baked potato.

Ask the doctor those difficult questions

There are some questions that all men should ask the doctor, but many men find a little too embarrassing to bring up. Questions like “Should I have an STD test?” or “Why am I urinating more than usual?” are often missed in a typical doctor’s visit, but they could be valuable questions for a man’s health. When the men in your life are getting ready to see the doctor, have them make a list of questions and remind them that it doesn’t matter how they ask; they just need to bring up the tough subjects.

And, if your guy drags his feet when he gets sick and really does need to see a doctor, remind him that he can skip the hassle of an in-office visit by requesting an online medical consultation. With healthcare delivered securely and conveniently to his home or office, the men close to you will have no excuse for missing a checkup!


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