By now everyone is probably aware of the inherent dangers of deep frying a turkey, but oil burns are not the only injuries that could have emergency rooms across the nation seeing an influx holiday guests. Thanksgiving actually has one of the highest holiday injury rates, and the problem is usually worsened because many people neglect to head to the ER or urgent care facility on Thanksgiving Day. Fortunately, modern technology can facilitate urgent care visits over the internet so you may be able to treat some the injuries below from the comfort of home.

Carving accidents


Carving the turkey is a task that is held in high esteem in many households, but even the most experienced carvers may have a mishap that could be a huge mess in your kitchen. Drinking and carving often combine to cause injuries, and the source of lacerations isn’t always the knife. Sometimes jagged bone ends can skewer the skin and cause cuts with a high risk of infection. You can reduce the chances of injury by making sure the turkey is thoroughly cooked and sharpening carving knives for clean, precise cuts.

Overeating (and drinking)


With all the eating and drinking you do on Thanksgiving, it may be hard to believe that you can actually become dehydrated. Many of us skip the water and opt for wine or cocktails to accompany plates of heavy foods, so you may experience some dehydration. Excessive eating is also very hard on the heart and digestive system, which means you should think about dialing back your portions to stay more comfortable. Another problem that comes with overeating is overindulging in alcohol. It may be hard to realize just how inebriated you are when you have a belly stuffed full of turkey, and getting behind the wheel in that state can create a big danger for yourself and other drivers. A safe bet is to drink a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage so that you can pace yourself and slow down your eating.

Backyard injuries


Throwing a football around the backyard is a tradition in many families, but games can get a little rough when overzealous players go for the hard tackles. Sports injuries are frequently seen in ERs and urgent care centers around the nation on Thanksgiving, but many are sprains and strains that can be tended to with the right first aid at home.

Anxiety overload


Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday for your mental state, between the stress of seeing in-laws and the pressure of hosting dinner. If you are particularly prone to anxiety, you might need some emergency stress-fighting strategies to avoid panic attacks or stress-related heart conditions.

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