The days of food foams and sous vide-everything are behind us, as chefs are exploring the depths of various foods on another level by fermenting and smoking them. These food preservation methods are actually nothing new; they are both ancient means of making food last longer and bringing out unique aromas that are simply not present in fresher foods. Along with fermented, aged, and smoked foods, you may see a lot more diversity in the appearance of the food you purchase. On the whole, 2015’s food trend outlook is promising for those of us wanting to eat healthier. Plus, many of these trends promote the reduction of food waste, so the environment will benefit from your new eating habits too.

Fermented foods

The rise of kimchi and kombucha is largely attributed to a recent surge in popularity among probiotic-rich foods that are known to improve digestive health. Foods of this variety contain good bacteria, which are responsible for the process of fermentation that produces pungent, tart flavors in the finished products. The same bacteria then occupy the gut and aid in digestion of other foods. Some of these foods have an acquired taste, but others like sauerkraut, yogurt, and traditional sourdough bread are fairly approachable for any eater.

Matcha green tea

If you are hooked on sugar-packed energy drinks, you may be particularly happy about the increasing appearance of Matcha green tea. This antioxidant-rich tea variety has just enough caffeine for a buzz with no crash, and it is likely to be seen more often in coffee shops and convenience stores this year.

Non-uniform vegetables

For decades, grocery store produce sections have been packed only with vegetables that are uniform in shape, size, and color. This has set unrealistic expectations among consumers, who are only now realizing the diversity that may be present in a single variety of fruit. As more consumers demand organic, local choices, they are purchasing fruits and vegetables with different priorities, which ultimately drives down food waste.

Smoked foods

Smoked meats have never really gone out of style, but now you might be seeing more unique smoked items like cheeses, vegetables, and even beer. While the smoke itself doesn’t have many health benefits, the process of smoking can reduce fat content in certain foods and offer an amazing flavor without much added salt or fat.

Local grains

The call for local foods is expanding, and more communities are now looking for local grains, which can add more diversity to a person’s diet and reduce the waste associated with getting food on the table. Grains can be grown in just about any environment, so you may see more locally produced options that could have you stepping away from traditional breads and baking flours.

Are you excited for these upcoming food trends? Share your thoughts and comments with us as you think about the ways you might eat healthier in 2015.


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