The wrong fashion choices can do more than create a bad impression. Some of the most common fashion trends may, in fact, do harm to your health by restricting blood flow, putting pressure on your joints, or simply compressing your vital organs. Take a look below at some of the clothing and accessories that have the potential to do the most damage to your body.

Skinny jeans

If you like your jeans to be skin-tight, you may need to be cut out of them like one woman who recently suffered serious injuries from wearing skinny jeans while helping relatives clean out their home. Frequent squatting with jeans that compress the legs and restrict blood flow led to nerve damage that limited the woman’s ability to walk. This case is only one example of a condition called meralgia paresthetica, which can be avoided with some slightly looser jeans.

High heels

Kitten heels with the right arch support will not do much damage, but towering heels can put a lot of stress on your ankle and knee joints, because your weight is shifted from your heels to the balls of the feet. Over time you might also develop painful corns or bunions due to the compression of the toes in the front of the shoe.

Slimming underwear

While Spanx and other types of body-shaping underwear might be more comfortable than the average corset, these intimate garments may still cause damage to the internal organs. The pressure in your abdomen might lead to bloating, gastric reflux, or indigestion.


A standard ear piercing is not likely to cause many problems, but other facial piercings and body piercings might easily become infected and create a gruesome fashion statement. Large piercings may also never fully close, making them a permanent change that you could regret later in life.

Oversized purses

Big purses are not necessarily a problem unless they are filled with heavy items that weigh down your shoulders and negatively affect your posture. You might begin to experience back pain, stiffness in the neck, or weakness in your shoulders. Carrying a lighter bag will alleviate these discomforts and help you restore better posture.

Men’s ties

Unhealthy fashion choices are not limited to women’s clothing. Men may get sick more often from touching their neck ties, which tend to carry lots of germs and bacteria, because men don’t wash their ties very often. Even infrequently worn ties should be cleaned regularly so germs don’t continue to hang around.

When it comes to healthier fashion choices, comfort is key. Regardless of current clothing trends, good health and the confidence of comfort never goes out of style.


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