If you’ve ever experienced back pain, chances are, your doctor has recommended exercise to relieve your pain. Or maybe you don’t have back pain now but you want to prevent it in the future. In either situation, do you know the best way to exercise to improve your spine health? Here we’ll take a look at some steps that will help you build core strength and protect your back from aches and injuries without causing more damage along the way.

Exercise a little each day

The key to success in any workout routine is to stick with it. Consistency is better than longer workouts spaced sporadically, so aim to work out just a little bit each day. About 15 minutes is all it takes if you make the most of your time with body-weight based exercises that you can do right at home.

Hit the floor to strengthen your core

With exercises that focus on the spine, you will always want to make sure that the spine is protected from overstretching or unfavorable bending. Exercises where you are positioned lying on your back on the floor are generally easier for anyone to do, and they will put less pressure on the spine. Here are some of the most favorable exercises and stretches to do from the floor to improve core strength and relieve back pain:

Trade in moves like a full forward bend and sit-ups for the exercises above to ensure that you aren’t hurting your back while you try to strengthen it.

Don’t work through the pain

Some fitness buffs live by the mantra that pain is weakness leaving the body, but when it comes to spine-strengthening exercises, this is a dangerous philosophy. Any exercise that hurts your back should cause you to stop. Don’t try to work through the pain, because you’ll probably end up hurting yourself.

One thing that won’t hurt is to check with a doctor before you start exercising your back pain away. MeMD can make your visit quick and easy with online medical consultations available around the clock.


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