Summer is finally here, and in some parts of the country the warm weather is a welcome break after a winter of extreme low temperatures. As you see your lawn and garden come into bloom with the arrival of warm weather, you may be tempted to spend every summer weekend outside in the backyard. To make the most of your summer fun at home, keep these safety tips in mind for yourself and your kids.

Establish rules for the family

If you do have kids, set some ground rules for backyard safety. For example, kids should get out of the sun and have a break for healthy snacks or cool drinks about once every hour. Unsupervised play outdoors should also be off-limits—especially if there is a pool in the yard.

Keep the pool gate locked

Even with rules established for the pool area, it’s best to keep the pool secure with a fence and gate that stays locked when the pool is not in use. Kids may wander and quickly be at risk for drowning in an unsupervised pool area. A pool alarm that lets you know when kids make their way outside or in the water may also provide you with some peace of mind about pool safety when you aren’t watching.

Protect your skin from sun and pests

Kids and adults both need skin protection to avoid sunburns and bug bites as well as more serious damage from insect stings or prolonged sun exposure. Sunscreen is a must, but there are many ways to keep your skin safe from creepy crawly pests. Citronella candles, mesh screens, and topical insect repellant are all readily available ways to keep unwanted guests away at any backyard cookout. If you or your kids have an allergy to insect stings, avoid any perfume or floral pattern that may entice flying insects.

Discourage children from eating wild fruits

When plants bloom with flowers and fruits, they may be tantalizing for curious young eaters. Make sure that your children know to avoid any wild plants as well as those in the yard. Even if you have a garden, kids should ask permission before eating any fruits or veggies, since they should be washed first.

Enjoy libations in moderation

Drinking alcohol under the sun can have you feeling its effects much faster. Therefore, when you enjoy cocktails and cold beers in the backyard, take it slow and drink an extra glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you consume. While you are thinking about staying hydrated, remember that kids can quickly become overheated, so they need to drink plenty of water when they play in the summertime. Fresh fruit slices and popsicles are great treats to put out for kids of all ages, because they provide a little extra water with a touch of sweetness.

Your summer will be much more relaxing when you take safety precautions ahead of time, so stay cool and have fun all season with the tips above!


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