As cold weather hits, many people will slow down their workout routines and put away their running shoes until spring. If you feel your motivation to work out diminishing as the temperature drops, you should consider how winter exercise can offer something extra.

You’ll fend off seasonal depression

Cold weather also means shorter days, and in some parts of the nation, you might not see daylight outside of work hours. With enough layers, a headlamp, and reflective clothing, you can still head outside for a walk or run, which can boost your mood. If you can work out during daylight hours, you’ll be even better off, since you can get the boost of vitamin D your body needs to keep your mood elevated.

You’ll get a higher calorie burn

When it’s cold outside, your body is already using energy to regulate your temperature. Therefore, exercise in the cold offers a higher return, since you’ll burn more calories in a shorter period of time. You should be cautious, however, because you can push yourself too hard in cold weather, putting your heart at risk. As long as you know your limits, you can get more out of your workouts and burn off the extra calories you consume during holiday parties.

You’ll build tolerance to the cold

As you begin braving the cold more often and learning to effectively layer your workout clothes to stay comfortable at every stage of your workout, you’ll find that you can generally tolerate colder temperatures better.

To be sure that you’re on track with a safe, effective workout routine, schedule a visit with MeMD. Our medical team is available around-the-clock so you can find care exactly when you need it.


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