Both sleep and exercise are integral to your health, but many people struggle to find room for both of these activities in their schedules. If you find yourself deciding between hitting the gym before work and hitting the snooze button to get some extra shut eye, you should ask yourself the following questions to make the right call for your health.

How much sleep have you gotten the night before?

If you have gotten 7-8 hours of sleep already, it’s best to get out of bed and take a jog or go to the gym. Even just a quick 15 minute workout to get your heart rate up can make a big difference, so you should wake up and get moving if you have any extra time. When you’re struggling to hit the mark for enough sleep, you might need to adjust your schedule to squeeze in time for a workout during other parts of the day. If you can get a workout in during your lunch break, you may have better luck falling asleep at night and getting the amount of rest that you need.

Have you exercised recently?

The decision to get out of bed and work out might depend less on how much sleep you’ve gotten and more on how much exercise you’ve been doing lately. If you have hit the gym twice in a week, it’s worth it to add another workout to push yourself further. Alternatively, you might deserve a break if you’ve gotten 3-4 workouts in during the week already.

Are your muscles sore?

If you’ve woken up to find that you are sore and stiff, sleep in to give your body a break. While you should try to push yourself in terms of fitness, you should also avoid overdoing it and risking an injury. Soreness is a sign that your muscles need time to recover, so let yourself sleep for the day.

As you get started on a new workout routine or find yourself struggling to get in shape, connect with the health professionals of MeMD to assess your current level of fitness and identify the right program for your needs.


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