3 Exercise Trends to Watch for In 2014

3 Exercise Trends to Watch for In 2014

Fitness trends change every year. Fad workouts like the ThighMaster or the Shake Weight come and go, but sometimes an exercise trend like Yoga or Pilates changes the entire landscape of personal fitness.
Avoid These Holiday Fitness Destroyers

Avoid These Holiday Fitness Destroyers

Don’t be a victim of holiday weight gain this year! Identify the specific triggers that slow down your workout routine and cause you to overindulge.
4 Signs You Are Too Sick To Work Out

4 Signs You Are Too Sick To Work Out

For healthy individuals, moderate exercise may help you to fight off infections like cold and flu. But when you are getting sick or are currently infected with a cold or flu, should you continue to work out?
4 fun and healthy fall activities

4 Fun and Healthy Fall Activities

Get outdoors and enjoy the cooler weather this fall season with these family-friendly and festive calorie burners.
MeMD Yoga RX

Yoga RX: Mild Depression

These simple yoga poses will help you overcome your inner turmoil, increase your energy, and improve your mood.
simple eye exercises

3 Simple Exercises for Your Eyes

Even if you are a physically active individual, there may be a major part of your body that you are neglecting to work out: your eyes.
Monkey Bars

Back to the School Yard Workout

Burning calories and getting fit doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, if you play like a kid on the playground, you can burn a surprising number of calories while having fun with...
MeMD Yoga RX

Yoga RX: Hypertension

Hypertension is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is raised. An elevated pressure causes the heart to work harder than normal to circulate blood through the blood vessels....
MeMD Yoga RX

Yoga RX: Diabetes

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or because cells do not respond to the insulin that...
Easy Moves to Keep You Active on a Long Trek

Easy Moves to Keep You Active on a Long Trek

If your summer vacation has you taking a long trip by car, plane, or train, you might be dreading the stiffness and exhaustion that can come with lengthy trips. Using the simple, travel-friendly workouts...
MeMD Yoga RX

Yoga RX: Insomnia

Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep. This sleep disorder not only affects your sleep cycle but it also affects you while you're awake. By not getting enough sleep your...
Walk your way to a healthier you

Walk Your Way to a Healthier, Happier You

On average a person only takes around 3,000 steps per day. People are not getting the adequate exercise they need to stay healthy and be active. They tend to avoid walking because it is...
Basic sun salutation

Basic Sun Salutation

If you are in search of new ways to get active this summer, you might start practicing yoga to improve your flexibility and strengthen your muscles. The Sun Salutation is a great place to...
MeMD Yoga RX

Yoga RX: Headaches

The most common types of headaches are tension, stress-related, and migraines. These three usually occur due to muscle tightness in the head and neck. Yoga helps ease tension headaches by relaxing muscles in your...
Safe and unsafe home fitness equipment

The Most and Least Safe Home Fitness Equipment

Investing in the right home exercise equipment is a great way to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. But before you go shopping for your home gym, you should know the best choices...
Fight allergies with yoga

Fight Allergies with Yoga

Yoga can strengthen your immune system and reduce allergy symptoms Allergy sufferers are always eager to find relief from their worst symptoms. While some treatments, like antihistamines, are obvious, others may not have occurred to...
Win a nike fuel band

Get Fit with MeMD

If you haven't had a chance to check out our Facebook page - now is the perfect time! We are giving away a Nike+ Fuel Band to one lucky winner who likes our page....
Spring training workouts

Spring Training

Dust off your sneakers and bring your workout back into the great outdoors. If you are sick of gym equipment and indoor aerobic classes then these two circuit workouts are perfect for you. All you...
Healthy fitness date bowling

Fun Fitness Dates

Over dinner and a movie? Jazz up your next date with our fun, fitness ideas. The endorphins you get from exercising can increase happiness and help you clear your mind. If you still need convincing,...
workout schedule

4 Stick-To-Your-Workout Tips

We all find excuses to avoid working out. Use these tactics to stay motivated and consistent in your workout plan—and reach your health and performance goals. Switch it Up Finding an exercise buddy to hold you...