The Role of Patient Satisfaction in the Telehealth Boom

There are many variables driving the exponential growth of telehealth over the past several years, yet perhaps the most powerful factor pushing the expansion is patient satisfaction with the process and services provided via telehealth...

Study Reveals Employee Health Issues Cost Employers More Than $500 Billion Each Year

A new study by the Integrated Benefits Institute revealed that unhealthy employees are costing businesses 1.4 billion days of missed work and $530 billion in lost productivity each year.

From Niche to Necessity: How Telehealth Became Mainstream, and Why It Matters to You

What started as a niche industry has morphed into a major player in today’s healthcare delivery system. What are the reasons for this radical change in the role of telehealth in today’s healthcare system? The answer, Unsurprisingly, is multifaceted...

South Carolina Expands Telehealth Laws to Include Physician Assistants, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

As telehealth continues to grow in popularity, state governments are taking notice. South Carolina is one of many states that has expanded state telehealth laws over the past three years, allowing doctor-patient relationships to be established virtually...

Telehealth and Self-Insurance: A Match Made in Heaven

With the ongoing rise in health insurance costs – not to mention the uncertainty about America’s healthcare industry – many companies are shifting to self-insurance. A self-funded health plan can save considerable money each year, especially for businesses that provide access to cost-effective options like telehealth.

Escaping the Sea of Sameness: How to Identify Teletherapy Options That Really Work

While more businesses are realizing the value of teletherapy, they are unsure how to differentiate among the many offerings that seem the same on the surface. Thinking outside the cost implications, there are three main areas to consider when evaluating benefits partners that provide teletherapy services...

Symptom vs. Cause: The Importance of Root Cause Analysis in Behavioral Health

Americans are self-medicating or depending heavily on prescribed drugs in order to feel better. But treating the symptoms instead of dealing with underlying mental and emotional issues is making matters worse...

How to Choose a Telehealth Partner that Fits Your Business Model, Meets Employee Needs

With so many telehealth vendors to choose from, how do you select the one that’s best for your business and employee benefits package? By considering these seven key factors when vetting a telehealth partner...

Why Employers are Incorporating Telebehavioral Health into Broader Benefits Packages

As the nationwide focus on mental health continues to grow, businesses are taking notice and incorporating telebehavioral health solutions into their existing health benefits packages. While telehealth provides important benefits to employees, the service is advantageous for businesses for a number of reasons...

The Role of Telehealth in Fighting Opioid Abuse

Nationwide, leaders and organizations are leading the fight against opioid abuse. Their efforts to curtail opioid over-prescription are already showing promise, including using on-going therapy to treat the underlying causes of drug abuse...

How to Get Your Employees on Board with Telehealth

The benefits of telehealth services are plentiful and proven. Get your employees on board – and help them reap the benefits of 24/7 access with these 6 tips...

Aflac® Recognizes MeMD® as Partner of the Year for Outstanding Service

Aflac honored MeMD as a 2018 Partner of the Year. MeMD was selected for exceptional dedication to customer satisfaction, including flexibility and responsiveness.

New Arkansas Law Helps Residents Maximize Convenience of Telemedicine Services

The state of Arkansas just took a giant leap forward in enabling residents to take full advantage of telemedicine and virtual care by passing new legislation effective January 1, 2018...

Is it Time to Adopt Telemedicine in Your Practice?

MeMD was recently featured on "America's Backbone" – a go-to resource for business owners looking to better their businesses with the latest technology, strategies and more.

House Calls: The Frontier of Telemedicine in Urgent Care

MeMD was recently highlighted in Urgent Care Magazine's March issue, which focused on how technology provides opportunities for urgent care centers to improve quality of care, expand their services, and use their resources more effectively.

Telemedicine brings healthcare into your home

MeMD was recently in the news - check out the video and article for how telemedicine is changing the way doctors treat patients.

The doctor is always ‘in’ — 24/7 online

Presbyterian Healthcare Services launched a new video visit service, powered by MeMD, that allows its 440,000 health plan members to schedule online visits.

Some doctors use telemedicine to diagnose flu, prevent spread

ABC news investigates patients using webcam, phone to get treatment via online telehealth company MeMD.

Doctors Ask Flu Patients to Stay Home

MeMD physician assistant Jennifer McClendon was interviewed by ABC News about connecting with patients by computer.

East Tennessee flu patients can get diagnosed from home with ‘telemedicine’

Some doctors’ offices are now consulting patients over the phone and online - asking patients not to come into the office to avoid spreading the flu.