Indiana Telemedicine Pilot Program Launches

The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana has launched a pilot program to test the effectiveness and integrity of telemedicine, and selects MeMD as a provider.

Telemedicine Clinic Launches In Yarnell

The Yarnell community launched an urgent care telemedicine program provided by MeMD and coordinated by, St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center.

Is it Time to Adopt Telemedicine in Your Practice?

MeMD was recently featured on "America's Backbone" – a go-to resource for business owners looking to better their businesses with the latest technology, strategies and more.

House Calls: The Frontier of Telemedicine in Urgent Care

MeMD was recently highlighted in Urgent Care Magazine's March issue, which focused on how technology provides opportunities for urgent care centers to improve quality of care, expand their services, and use their resources more effectively.

Telemedicine brings healthcare into your home

MeMD was recently in the news - check out the video and article for how telemedicine is changing the way doctors treat patients.

Could medical website stave off zombie apocalypse? I think so.

Could MeMD save us all from a zombie takeover? A reporter from Lehigh Valley Business discusses why she thinks so in this fun piece about telehealth.

The doctor is always ‘in’ — 24/7 online

Presbyterian Healthcare Services launched a new video visit service, powered by MeMD, that allows its 440,000 health plan members to schedule online visits.

MeMD Brings the Doctor to You

19 Action News checked out MeMD using an iPad and discovered that heading to the doctor's office for your routine illness may not be necessary.

Some doctors use telemedicine to diagnose flu, prevent spread

ABC news investigates patients using webcam, phone to get treatment via online telehealth company MeMD.

Doctors Ask Flu Patients to Stay Home

MeMD physician assistant Jennifer McClendon was interviewed by ABC News about connecting with patients by computer.

MeMD – Now 24/7/365

Sick doesn’t sleep and now neither do we! The MeMD team is excited to announce that we are now offering our services twenty-four-seven nationwide.

East Tennessee flu patients can get diagnosed from home with ‘telemedicine’

Some doctors’ offices are now consulting patients over the phone and online - asking patients not to come into the office to avoid spreading the flu.

Got flu? More people connecting with their doctor online for treatment

With flu season kicking into high gear, many people looking to get medical care turn to the internet instead of dragging themselves to their doctor's office.

NC’s growing medical trend? Telemedicine

When you are sick, the last thing you usually want to do is drag yourself to the doctor. Now there is another option - telemedicine company MeMD.

4 Trends Sure To Impact Your Business Next Year

Want to know the industry’s hottest business trends for 2015? They may surprise you. Get ready for crowd-funding projects and dialing up doctors.

Telemedicine: Doctor takes appointments online

Jenny McClendon, a physician's assistant with MeMD, explains how patients from around the country can be treated by doctors online from the comfort of home.

Can’t wait to see the doc? These apps can help!

It's the middle of the night, you're not feeling well, and your doctor's office is closed. What to do? Try a virtual doctor visit from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Treating the Flu Through Telemedicine

Since seeking care upon the onset of symptoms shortens the duration of the flu, many people have found ehealthcare to be a stress-free way to treat the flu.

eHealth: Technology Advances Healthcare Delivery

Telemedicine has been around over 100 years, but with gains in mobile technology many businesses are adding eHealth to an employee's healthcare benefits.

SHARE THE HEALTH: Free WebCam Health Checks For Local Domestic Violence Victims

By the time you finish reading this, a woman in the U.S. will have been battered. One telehealth company wants to help – offering free, confidential medical checkups to domestic violence survivors.