Smile! Teledentistry is on its Way

With teledentistry, dental assistants and hygienists can share health records with a dentist and be consulted remotely in order to perform basic treatments.

Telemedicine Used in Ebola Patient’s Recovery

New methods of Ebola treatment have begun to emerge in light of the recent outbreak. One innovative solution involves the use of telemedicine.

Can I Treat this Patient via Telemedicine? [Infographic]

Have you ever questioned whether a patient you've seen in person could have been treated via telemedicine? Use this flowchart to find out!

Telehealth Report Cards: Did Your State Pass or Fail?

States were graded on factors such as reimbursement policies, physician practice, and licensure guidelines, with a letter grade given based on progress.

Market Trend Projections for Telehealth Services

As awareness grows and healthcare in the United States continues to transform, these seven predictions for the future pave the way for advances in telehealth.

Telehealth Used in Treating Neurological Disorders

Since neurological diagnosing deals with observing a patient’s movements, video encounters can capture this assessment in the same way as an in-person exam.

How to make the most from your telehealth experience [Infographic]

If you're a medical provider chances are you've heard of telehealth. Whether you're a seasoned e-healthcare provider or new to it all, this infographic provides the basics!

Telehealth Advocates Push for Expansion of Services

To cope with the increasing number of “e-visits,” several legislative efforts have pushed to amend the laws and regulations that surround telehealth.

Test Your Telehealth Knowledge! [Quiz]

How much you know about telehealth? Take this quiz to find out!

Examining Telehealth Pilots for Drug Treatment Programs

A new substance abuse program will use telehealth to provide services to drug and alcohol abusers who live in remote areas.

So you’ve chosen telemedicine – now what?

So you’ve decided to see a doctor online, but you have a few questions before your consultation begins. Here, we answer some of the most common questions...

Study Reports International Success with Telehealth Initiative

Researchers examining the implications of telehealth across the world have found programs to be successful due to an increasing shortage of skilled physicians.

Is telemedicine right for you – right now?

It can be a quick, affordable and convenient solution for many patients. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself if you are considering seeing a doctor online ...

Telehealth Redefining Worker’s Comp

Companies with rural employees have begun to introduce telemedicine in an effort to receive faster treatment for employees, while also lowering the costs.

Telemedicine Used to Perform Retinopathy Screenings in Premature Babies

Using telemedicine to identify conditions like ROP holds promise for rural communities or developing countries that have limited access to ophthalmologists.

Veterans Affairs Continue to Experience Positive Telemedicine Outcomes

Telehealth programs are currently working as a solution for the VA for numerous reasons, and they continue to be an excellent advocate for its effectiveness.

Sleeping Easier with Telehealth

An estimated 12 million people in the US suffer from sleep apnea. In an attempt to help these patients sleep better, researchers have been conducting at-home sleep studies using telemedicine.

The Fitness App Battle Begins with Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit

Get your phones ready - the development of health programs by both Apple and Google will soon give people the ability to track and improve their health.

Telehealth Helps Send Patients to Specialists

If patients can be encouraged to seek care from a specialist when their condition is in its early states, telemedicine will help reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and healthcare costs.

U.S. Medical Boards Adopt Uniform Telemedicine Guidelines

Its something that everyone involved in telemedicine awaited for many years: a set of federal telemedicine policies. Previously, every state had its own set of regulations for the practice of telemedicine, but this posed...