As more and more people are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, it’s important to recognize that we’re not out of the woods yet when it comes to coronavirus risks. Even those who have received full vaccine doses (2 shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or a single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) should still exercise caution in public areas, including mask wearing and social distancing. However, there are some measures you can lighten up on once you’ve gotten your shots. Continue reading for a closer look at the CDC’s recommendations.

What’s Okay If You’re Vaccinated?

Now still isn’t the time to host large gatherings or parties, but small groups of fully vaccinated individuals may gather in private settings without a mask. So, if you and other relatives have had the vaccine and waited at least two weeks since your last dose, it’s okay to get together in someone’s home or another private area. You may also visit with one household of people in a private setting if they have not yet been vaccinated but have a low risk for severe illness. Travel is also much easier for vaccinated individuals, as you can forego most pre- and post-travel quarantine requirements for domestic and international trips.

What Should Wait?

In public settings, nothing should really change dramatically. Because many people still have not received the vaccine and there are still plenty of new cases and mutations of the virus popping up, it’s important to mask up in public spaces. Medium and large gatherings should continue to be put on hold as well. Now is the time to catch up with close friends and family in intimate settings rather than plan large social events.

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  1. Why do people need to take precautions after being fully vaccinated from COVID but when fully vaccinated from smallpox, chickenpox, DTaP, MMR, Polio, PCV, HepA, HepB they can go about living their normal lives?

  2. I know the question Curious posted will not get answered. In our times asking logic based questions gets you pegged as a conspiracy nut. What kind of fool asks a question based on sound reasoning anyway? We’re supposed to just listen to our superiors and keep living our life in fear.

  3. Because this is more serious. This is a zombie virus and it mutates. They are saying that it has killed many people already. So people it’d time we get our covid-19 booster Shot. Very important Ladies and Gentlemen. Everybody stay safe and get your booster shots ASAP.


    @Sheys Massage

  4. So funny, we’ve been living completely normal here in South Dakota, and I’m not required to vaccinated to do so. Wish people would open up their eyes to this whole thing.

  5. I agree with “Curious.” There are so many questions and the information just does not add up. Why were the death statistics in the US not significantly higher in 2020 d/t COVID? Where were the flu deaths that affects thousands of people every year? If the rotations of the PCR tests were set too high and picking up false positives, could it be that many of the COVID deaths were actually from the flu and other causes? Why were the PCR test rotations set so high to begin with and then after 1/20/21, they were reduced? Why were so many sick people sent to Nursing Homes when there were other resources available (ship in NY). Why were hospitals incentivized to report COVID cases? Why was a “patented man-made” virus like COVID-19 even developed? Why do I feel like the masks and lock downs will never end d/t new and evolving reasons, especially when there is such a high survival rate from COVID?

  6. and if individuals have been vaccinated, why does it matter the size of the gathering that they are in? Why should only, “small gatherings” be acceptable?


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