Wasted food is bad for the environment, your wallet, and even your health. In the United States, tons of food is wasted every year, but much of this waste can be avoided with smarter shopping and a better understanding of what you can do with all parts of the raw ingredients you purchase. For example, you can use hard cheese rinds and veggie stems for homemade stocks, which will have less sodium and fewer preservatives than canned stock or broth. Read on for more tips to help you cut down on food waste to improve your diet in the process.

Batch cook and freeze

If you’re always rushing to get dinner on the table, it might be helpful to get your weekly prep work done early when you have the time. Batch roasting and freezing your favorite veggies, pouring homemade stock or red sauce into ice cube trays, and shredding and portioning cheese before you need it can make it easier to use all the ingredients you buy for your weeknight dinners.

Grocery shop more often

Sometimes, planning ahead isn’t always a possibility, especially if you’re dealing with picky eaters in your household. Instead of taking one trip to the grocery store to get everything you might need for a week, consider holding off on purchasing meat and produce until the day you need it. This way, you’ll know that you’re only buying fresh ingredients that you’ll actually use.

Repurpose leftovers

You might get all of your ingredients into each dish, but you let food go to waste by neglecting your leftovers. In addition to cutting down the portion sizes you prepare (to create fewer leftovers), you can get more creative with the leftovers you do have. Try reheating leftover meat and vegetables inside an omelet, or make a breakfast hash from last night’s dinner.

Use what you have

Creativity can also help you out when it comes to using the last of each ingredient. When you buy certain types of produce or grains, you might have to get more than you need for a single recipe. Use smart substitutions and new recipes to find uses for the healthy ingredients you’ve picked up from the store.

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