No – we’re not talking about mud, clay, or sheet masks for skincare, but rather the protective coverings that we literally can’t leave home without! While masks may be integral to slowing the spread of coronavirus, they may not be your favorite fashion accessory. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see some skincare issues arise with regular mask-wearing. The following tips can help you increase your comfort and better care for your skin as masks continue to be an important part of daily life.

You may need to switch up your moisturizer.

If you tend to break out after wearing a mask, your first thought may be that your skin is too oily, tempting you to skip the moisturizer. However, mask-wearing can actually dry out your skin. Consider switching to a lighter weight moisturizer, such as one with a gel base to sit lightly on the skin while still providing much-needed hydration. It’s also a good idea to wash and moisturize your face both before putting a mask on and after you remove it.

Makeup can make mask irritation worse.

Cosmetic junkies watch-out! Makeup is likely to clog your pores under a mask, so skip the foundation or opt only for makeup around the eyes and upper face. In addition, you will want to avoid new skin products that may increase the sensitivity of your skin, such as retinoids or chemical peels.

Choose the right mask.

Along with the products you’re using on your skin, you should also look at the mask itself. Cotton is an ideal mask material, as it’s a natural fiber that’s soft and unlikely to cause irritation. Wash your mask with unscented detergent and skip the fabric softener, if possible. You’ll also want to make sure the mask is a good fit. If it’s too small, it’s likely to pull or rub on the skin, causing irritation.

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