Now that the year is half over, you may have already forgotten the New Year’s resolutions you made back in January to lose weight, get in shape, or make other big strides with your physical fitness. It’s common to get into this mid-year slump. Schedules fill up, obligations stack on top of one another, and there just doesn’t seem to be time or motivation left to work out. However, you shouldn’t give up! Just follow these simple guidelines for rekindling your motivation to exercise.

Restructure Your Goals

Whether your goal is to lose 50 pounds or tack on 10 pounds of muscle mass, it’s not going to happen overnight. Therefore, you will want to have micro-goals that you can accomplish much faster. For example, you might aim to lose 2-3 pounds this week. Accountability is another important factor. If you aren’t making a habit to get on the scale once per week, it’s much easier to slack off on your exercise goals.

Revisit Your Motivating Factors

If you are having trouble sticking to your goals, think back on the reasons you set them. You may have a health condition like type 2 diabetes, which can be improved with regular exercise. Alternatively, you might be striving to get to a certain level of fitness before a significant birthday. If factors that were once motivating you aren’t doing it now, then think about some other reasons that you want to get in shape. For example, shift the focus from gaining a bikini body to becoming your healthiest self.

Redefine Success

Shifting your motivation and breaking down your goals may have you redefining success. For example, you could start tracking how many reps of a certain exercise you can perform rather than thinking only about how many pounds you’ve lost.

If demotivation is a chronic problem, it may be helpful to check in with a therapist to assess your stress management and mental wellness. MeMD offers convenient, web-based behavioral health services, so you can speak with a therapist when it suits you.


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