For many people, fall and winter means taking a break from the gym and gaining weight before the New Year. Instead of falling into that detrimental pattern this year, try banishing your workout fears and getting in shape throughout the holiday season so you can indulge without the guilt and weight gain. Here’s a closer look at a few common fears and the strategies you might use to ban them from your workout routine.

“People are watching me at the gym”

When you go to the gym, you might have the sense that more experienced gym goers are watching and judging your workout. However, most people keep to themselves at the gym and won’t be worried about what you’re doing. As you get into your regular routine and focus more on your own workout, you’ll find that it is easy to ignore the crowd and have a productive workout.

“I don’t know what I’m doing”

If you have never been much of a gym goer, or it’s been a while since you have visited the gym, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Many gyms will offer a free consultation with a personal trainer to help relieve this fear, but you can also rely on a more experienced workout buddy or do some research yourself at home to learn your way around the gym.

“The gym is too crowded”

It can be hard to buckle down and focus at the gym when you have to wait in line for every machine. You can avoid the crowd by steering clear of peak hours, which tend to be just before and after regular business hours, since most people will go before or after work. You might also just skip the gym altogether and work out at home or in the park.

No matter how you choose to get fit, remember that exercise is an integral part of managing your health in any season. For more tips to help you get started on an appropriate exercise plan for your needs, connect with a physician with MeMD whenever, wherever.


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