If you’re always working out in the gym, your muscles might become highly specialized, making your body surprisingly useless in real life scenarios. Not to say that gym-based workouts aren’t great for your health and fitness, but you might benefit from some tactical exercises that use your whole body and keep you prepared for the ever-anticipated zombie apocalypse. Try working on these simple survival tasks to ensure that you are fit enough to thrive when the time comes to make a quick getaway.

Run up a flight of stairs

Seeking high ground is a valuable step for the survival skillset you’re honing, so you’ll want to know that you can easily take down a few flights of stairs. If you don’t have the stair climbing stamina, you might start out with running on a more level surface, performing sprint drills, or making broad jumps.

Jump a tall fence

While you are practicing jumping, you might wonder if you’ve got what it takes to jump over a fence. Getting over a fence requires balance and upper body strength along with a little agility to make it over some more challenging fences. Push-ups, pull-ups and dips should all be a part of your routine if you want to build the necessary strength to get over a big wall.

Carry a friend to safety

If a friend in worse shape than yourself suffered an injury, would you be able to make a getaway carrying him or her to safety? You might not practice this one trying to carry a real person, but you can get in shape for the task with ball slams, bag drops and pickups, and sand bag sprints.

Could you run for your life if the situation arose? Hopefully you never have to find out, but it doesn’t hurt to be in shape for the occasion.


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