After weeks away from the gym, you might feel eager to get back to your old workout routine. Yet, you don’t need a gym membership to stay in shape with the workouts you already enjoy. You might be surprised how a little creativity can facilitate a wide range of activities right at home.

Put Old Clothing to Use

If you’ve spent time cleaning out your closet, you might have some useful exercise accessories around. For example, old towels or T-shirts can be used as floor sliders for hill climbers and other high-intensity workouts on tile or wood floors. Instead of a yoga strap to assist with flexibility, try an old belt or necktie.

Take the Stairs

Living in a two-story home or apartment complex will give you excellent access to your own old school Stairmaster. Climbing stairs is a great way to get your heart rate up quickly and tone your lower body. If you don’t have easy access to stairs, try walking up and down some of the steeper streets in your neighborhood.

Use Anything as a Weight

No free weights? No problem! You probably have lots of easy substitutes available, such as milk jugs, books, food cans, and even heavy furniture. Along with traditional weightlifting exercises like bicep curls and squats, homemade weights can assist in your cardiovascular workouts as added resistance during a walk or run.

While creativity can help you fit in a workout, your safety is still the most important consideration. To ensure that your at-home exercise routine fits into your health and safety goals, consult a physician through MeMD through our convenient online healthcare portal.


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