You don’t have to put on a serious face to get fit. In fact, fun and unique exercise programs may be just what you need to stay motivated if you are not a fitness buff. Below is a look at just a few of the not-so-serious workouts that prove you can burn calories while having fun.

Karaoke cardio

If music motivates you to increase the intensity of your workout, karaoke cardio classes may be just what you need to get you in the gym. Karaoke cardio has cyclists singing their way through each class with classic karaoke jams to exercise your vocal cords while you pump your legs.


Pole dancing fitness

While pole dancing does have risqué associations, it has become a popular fitness program for women of all ages and backgrounds. Pole dancing for fitness does not require skimpy outfits, but it does engage the whole body and helps women significantly boost their confidence.

Hula-hoop workouts

blog-memd-hula-hoop-workoutTake a cue from your inner-child and grab a hula-hoop to start working out. It may be harder than you remember to keep the hoop level, as this motion requires a lot of engagement in the abdominal muscles. Pogo stick and trampoline-based workouts are another way to get moving like a kid again.

Want to learn about more funny workouts? Check out this video from Anderson Cooper’s Ridiculist reviewing the latest in Korean home workout equipment.


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