Grilling is a classic American pastime, especially during these warm and sunny summer months. To me, summer means staying outdoors, swimming, spending time with family and friends, and, of course, food. Embodying the essence of summer, grilling is the perfect way to bring everyone together, enjoy the warmth, and eat delicious food (that just happens to be healthy!) Not only is grilling a beneficial and nutritious way to prepare your meals, you can serve up quite a diverse menu – from meats and fish, to fruits and vegetables.

Plus, the foods natural flavors are brought out over the burners, making them taste amazing without any added toppings. Grilling seals in produce’s nutrients and rids meat of fat. It is an easy and healthy way to get the most out of your meals!

Benefits of Grilling

  • Food has a reduced fat content (fat drips off the food as it is being grilled)
  • Helps you maintain a healthy cholesterol
  • Get more value from your food, keep nutritional content
  • Vegetables retain more vitamins and minerals
  • The flavor of the food is enhanced

Grilling Tips

  • Grill fruits and vegetables
  • Make a marinade to add flavor and depth to your grilled food
  • Select lean meats to grill
  • Use seasonal produce for the best taste!
  • Clean your grill, scrub a cool grate to remove residue
  • Turn your grill to a low heat setting to keep from overcooking or burning the food

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