No-Shave November might inspire you to grow out your facial hair and embrace the natural wonder of your devilishly handsome beard. As your face gets fuzzier and you begin to settle into your bearded style, you might notice that you’ve begun to reap benefits beyond the beard’s physical attractiveness and wintertime warmth.

Do you participate in the no-shave movement? If not, you might consider getting a late start to realize the distinctive benefits that come with growing out your beard just in time for the chilly winter.

Glowing skin

Your skin will never be softer than when it is covered by a bushy beard, which produces natural moisture to keep the skin soft and smooth. Keeping the razor away from your skin can also mask existing blemishes or scars and prevent new ones from developing. Razor irritation is often a culprit behind acne and facial rashes, so skip the shaving and keep your face covered.

Sun protection

What do wrinkles, dark spots, and skin cancer all have in common? They are all caused (or made worse) by UV rays. Incidentally, a beard can block up to 95% of UV radiation from the sun. This means that having a beard can keep your skin looking younger for years and prevent the most common types of skin cancer in the areas where they most frequently appear in men.

Improved sex appeal

Both men and women tend to find men with facial hair more masculine, so there may be some benefits in the bedroom when you have a beard. The sweet spot for impressing the opposite sex with facial hair is a relatively short beard, which might be accomplished after 10 days of not shaving.

Reduced allergy symptoms

If you have ever wondered why you have those stubborn, hard-to-trim nose hairs, you may be surprised to learn that they actually work as a filtration system to keep pollutants and allergens out of your airways. When you have a beard, the filter for these allergens only grows larger, so you might notice a reduction in seasonal allergy irritation when you grow out your facial hair. Because allergens will be trapped so close to your nose and mouth, however, you will want to make sure that you wash and comb your beard often during allergy season.

Just remember that these benefits only come with proper care and maintenance of your facial fur, which begins with good grooming habits like conditioning and trimming—though that might wait until the end of November.


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