If you typically vacation in the style of Jim Gaffigan, you might be on a trip that has you moving from one dining destination right to the next. You can lighten up your vacation plans by following healthier eating habits that don’t require you to give up every indulgence. Here is a closer look at the easy ways to choose the most tantalizing treats on vacation without making every meal a 1,000+ calorie excursion.

Pack lunches and dine out for dinner

It can be tempting to enjoy every meal out when you’re on vacation, but this can quickly eat away at your budget (not to mention leave you with a post-vacation bulge along your waistline.) If you’re out exploring during the day, pack yourself a healthier lunch; salads and sandwiches combined with wholesome snacks such as dried fruit and nuts can leave you feeling satisfied. This way when you go out to dinner you can indulge without the guilt.

Enjoy fresh local fare

You can still eat healthy while exploring the local flavor of food in your vacation destination. Visit a local farmers’ market, ask natives for recommendations, or find restaurants boasting local ingredients to try out new foods that are still on the healthy side.

Do your culinary research beforehand

Planning ahead of time can save you from the stress of overeating and overspending on vacation. If you do a little research to find the culinary destinations that tempt you most, you may be less likely to wander into a local bakery and fill up on the latest hybrid pastry craze.

With these tips, you can enjoy a slimming vacation that lets you spend more time taking in the scenery and less time worrying about what to eat at your next meal.

Let us know below – Does your healthy lifestyle take a break when you’re on vacation?


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