You probably can’t imagine spending a day without your phone—after all, cell phones have become essential for most people, as important to have on hand as a wallet or car keys. Because our phones get so much use, however, they are probably one of the dirtiest items we encounter daily. In fact, one study indicated that cell phones are more germ and bacteria-ridden than toilet seats. Fortunately, cleaning your phone is easy and quick. You can purchase a UV sanitizer made specifically for electronic devices, but the following tips will offer a more immediate and affordable solution to your dirty phone.

Wipe, don’t spray

You probably go to great lengths to avoid getting your phone wet, so any sanitizing solution may seem like a bad fit for your phone. However, you can wipe down your phone with a damp cloth followed by an alcohol wipe to remove grime and kill germs. Just avoid wiping the charging port, headphone jack, and any other openings on the phone. Be gentle when wiping the screen to avoid scratching it; you don’t need to scrub hard to properly disinfect. You should also never use disinfectant sprays or aerosols to clean your phone.

Clean buttons and cases too

Always remove your case and clean it separately when you clean your phone—most cases can be safely cleaned with dish soap and water. Disinfecting wipes are also suitable for phone cases. Simply clean and dry thoroughly before putting the case back on your phone. When you clean your phone, don’t forget to get the buttons and the back too.

Clean your phone often

Like any other healthy habit, cleaning your phone is a task you should do often. Cleaning your phone daily is appropriate if you’re frequently leaving the house and using your smartphone in public areas.

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