With so many options for healthcare out there, telemedicine is a quick, cost-effective, and convenient choice for many patients. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself if you are considering seeing a doctor online:

1. Did you just move or are you on vacation?

Sometimes getting sick happens when it’s least convenient. Many people who are new to town, on business trips, or even on vacation are hard pressed to connect with their home physician. Telemedicine is a great alternative for treating low acuity ailments (think – sinus infection, cold, or the flu) when seeing your primary care physician isn’t an option.

2. Are you running low on your medications and can’t get in to see your doctor until next month?

Conditions like blood pressure are better controlled than uncontrolled. Telehealth providers are able to prescribe short-term medical refills for medications such as those for blood pressure, birth control, asthma, or high cholesterol – just to tide you over until you can see a doctor in person.

3. Does your employer offer this as a healthcare benefit?

Many companies are realizing the convenience and cost-effectiveness of offering telemedicine as a benefit in their health plans, and many companies subsidize or completely cover the cost of a consultation. Check with your HR department to find out if this is an option for you and your family. If not, request for this to be a benefit option for employees like you!

4. Don’t have health insurance?

Another great perk about telemedicine is the cost. Consultations are typically less expensive than your average co-pay, and definitely less expensive than an unexpected trip to the ER, plus health insurance is not required.

5. Just don’t have the time to schedule a doctor’s appointment?

We all have busy, hectic lives. One of the great things about telemedicine is that you can be seen by a medical provider from the comfort of your own home, via webcam or telephone – wherever and whenever is most convenient for you.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions and are in need of low-acuity medical care, we recommend requesting an online medical consultation with MeMD today. We have board-certified medical providers licensed in all 50 states. When medically necessary, our providers can electronically send a prescription to the local pharmacy of your choice. Our typical wait times are less than 30 minutes, we offer 24/7 customer support, and have over a 93% patient satisfaction rate. It’s a simple, fast, and secure way to feeling better! So what are you waiting for?

See a MeMD medical provider online now! Be diagnosed & prescribed instantly.


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