The e-scooter trend has taken off over the past year, and cities around the country are seeing electronic scooters arrive in dramatic numbers. Unlike bikes, e-scooters are easy to ride while maintaining similar efficiency for short commutes. However, you might see much better benefits—and fewer safety risks—by picking up a manual scooter instead. Manual scooters are very easy to ride but still offer low-impact exercise, making them an ideal choice for your morning commute or short trips to the local grocery store. Plus, they’re portable and lightweight, unlike their electronic counterparts.

Classic scooters offer a great workout.

When you ride a scooter, you can actually burn up to 200 calories per hour. That’s because you’ll need to propel yourself and retain your balance on the scooter platform, so it’s much more engaging than just standing on a motorized platform after you kick off. Yet, scooters don’t require quite as much effort as biking, so you can expect to show up at a given destination without being soaked in sweat. Particularly for rides under two miles, manual scooters are an efficient and fun way to squeeze more exercise into your day. Plus, riding a scooter might reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the number of miles you put on your car for short commutes.

Riding an e-scooter can pose safety risks.

Though e-scooters can have their perks and be fun to ride, they don’t offer much by way of burning calories. They have also posed some unique safety risks to riders. In some cities, e-scooters are banned from sidewalks, so you must ride on city streets and in the bike lane. That can pose challenges with being seen, increasing the risk for accidents. Alternatively, non-motorized scooters can be ridden on the sidewalk when road traffic is heavy.

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