Most parents know that the real frights of Halloween are not the ghouls and goblins, but rather the safety hazards that lurk in the night. If Halloween is a major source of stress when it comes to caring for your kids, remember to follow these safety tips for a more fun evening. You don’t have to spend the holiday feeling frightened for the wrong reasons when you know what to watch out for.

Check candy and pay close attention to labels

The Teal Pumpkin Project hopes to change Halloween for kids with food allergies.

The Teal Pumpkin Project wants to change Halloween for kids with food allergies.

The myth of the crazed neighbor contaminating candy or slipping razor blades into chocolate bars has been widely debunked, as any incidents of candy tampering have been misreported or blown way out of proportion. What you should look at with candy wrappers, however, is their ingredient labels. This is particularly important for parents of children with food allergies who may not be able to safely eat every treat given out this Halloween. Even some options that are generally considered safe may not be the best, since candy is mass-produced with equipment that may have cross-contamination during the busy candy-making season. This year, look for houses with blue-green pumpkins – the Teal Pumpkin Project encourages people to offer alternative choices for kids with food allergies, with many homes handing out non-food treats like temporary tattoos or stickers.

Make yourself seen while trick-or-treating

Even if food allergies aren’t a problem, trick-or-treating can be risky if you are not visible to oncoming cars on neighborhood streets. Drivers will likely be paying more attention driving through residential areas, but it is still smart to use glow sticks or reflective tape to increase visibility. Everyone should carry flashlights as well, since there may be hazards that you don’t see like creepy critters or uneven road surfaces.

Get creative with costume design

DIY costumes tend to be the best for kids, because parents can make sure that there are no long capes and dangling accessories that are easy to trip over. You might be best off skipping the masks too, since face painting can be a more creative disguise that doesn’t limit vision. It’s also a good idea to use flame-safe materials so that mishaps with jack-o-lanterns can be avoided. When you make your own jack-o-lanterns, use LED candles or flashlights instead of traditional candles.

With safety in mind, remember that the whole point of Halloween is to have fun, so take early precautions that will let you make the most of the evening with your kids.


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