In the excitement of March Madness, it is easy to get caught up watching players sweat it out on the court as you sit back, relax, and hope that you made accurate predictions in your bracket. To mix things up and keep moving without missing a second of the action, consider changing the way you view the games so that you stay in shape while your eyes are on the screen. You might add some fun and excitement by creating a workout bracket to try out new exercises during each game, or you can keep it casual and follow these easy tips to pick up at any time during the tournament.

Challenge yourself during commercial breaks

When commercials come on tap into your competitive side and see how many jumping jacks or pushups you can do before the break ends. This can add up, since during a 40-minute game, there are at least 9 mandatory television timeouts. So even if you do not move a muscle while the game is actually on, you can burn substantial calories by getting up during each ad break. Plus, you might be so distracted by your mini workout that you forget to grab a beer or snacks during game breaks, saving you from downing extra empty calories.

Celebrate with sit-ups

Staying invested in your workout is important, so try out a routine where you do a few sit-ups every time your team scores so that you don’t hit a lull while the game is on. If you are more motivated by aggression than victory, channel your rage through squats or burpees every time the opposing team makes a basket – it will be much more productive than yelling at the screen!

Ditch the couch completely

It is easy to say that you will work out while watching the game, but if you start out on the couch, you might get too comfortable and forget to keep moving. Therefore, it could be more helpful to watch the game at the gym or move the couch against a wall so you have more room to move around while keeping up with the NCAA tournament action at home.


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