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6 Ways to Show Yourself Love This Valentine’s Day

Forget sappy romantic dinners, heart-shaped candies, and greeting cards this Valentine’s Day. Instead, focus on the person who truly matters most in your life: You!

Why Your Company Needs Teen Teletherapy Benefits

Today’s parents are right to worry about their kids' mental health – and it’s no surprise their focus at work is split between their job responsibilities and their children’s wellbeing.

MeMD Launches Telepsychiatry, Teen Therapy Solutions to Fill Gaps in Healthcare Plans

Adding to its extensive telehealth offerings, MeMD has launched telepsychiatry for adults and teletherapy for teens to meet a growing need for mental healthcare services.

Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Fitness Equipment

While you might always make a point to wipe down shared equipment at a public gym, you may not think much about cleaning your fitness equipment at home. Follow these tips to keep things clean...

2020 Diet Trends

From programs that work, to those you should avoid — here's a closer look at the food and diet trends to watch in 2020.

5 Great Reasons to Give Therapy a Try

A big misconception about therapy is that it’s only for people facing significant mental illness. But if any of the following apply to you, it may be time to give therapy a go...

MeMD CEO Highlights Business Benefits of Men’s and Women’s Telehealth Solutions

MeMD CEO Bill Goodwin penned an article for the latest issue of In Business magazine, explaining the business advantages of offering men’s and women’s telehealth solutions to employees...

Nurturing Your Child’s Mental Health

As a parent you have the responsibility of nurturing your child’s mental health. While no simple feat, you can follow these simpler, more achievable steps.

4 Food-Drug Interactions to Know About

Did you know there are foods that you should avoid eating while taking certain types of prescription medications? Here’s a look at four foods to watch out for...

The Season of Giving: How to Give Back While Getting Fit

Here are just a few ideas to explore if you're looking to give back while you get the exercise you need to stay healthy this holiday season...

Az Business Touts Employer Benefits of MeMD’s Men’s and Women’s Telehealth Solution

With the launch of men’s and women’s health services, MeMD’s telehealth offerings now cover specialized care that people need and want the most.

MeMD Founder John Shufeldt Recognized Among Top Arizona Executives in 2020 AzBusiness Leaders Publication

MeMD founder Dr. John Shufeldt was recognized as one of the top executives in Arizona in the annual AzBusiness Leaders publication for 2020.

6 Mental Health Tips for Busting Holiday Stress

While there are many different triggers that can impact our holiday experiences, you have the ability to minimize their impact with these strategies.

The Case for Telehealth Services on College Campuses

Even with health coverage, today’s college students may find it difficult or nearly impossible to find convenient medical or behavioral health care on campus...

The Strange Reason You Get Itchy Legs When Working Out

Itchy legs? Itchy arms? If you’ve ever had to stop yourself mid-workout to address your itchy skin, you aren’t alone. Here's what's happening...

Emotional Eating: Why We Do It and How to Stop

While you may not be able to avoid stress, boredom, or fatigue, you can better control how you react to these emotional eating triggers...
dangers of vaping

The Dangers of Vaping (and How to Quit!)

It's not known exactly why severe vape related illness have had such a recent surge, but reports have shown that e-cigarettes can pose significant health risks, including death...

Meet MeMD: Elizabeth Mora

Meet Elizabeth Mora ⁠— one of MeMD's board certified Nurse Practitioners ⁠— get her perspective on telemedicine and find out her tips for a safe Halloween...

3 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much

For a small percentage of people, it’s hard to stop working out or to even skip a day at the gym, but coul you be getting too much of a good thing?

What Science Says About the Food Combining Trend

Food combining is one trending myth that isn’t substantiated by basic biology, but it continues to grow in popularity. Here's why it doesn’t work...