Dressing for success shouldn’t be a motto that’s exclusive to the workplace. When it comes time to hit the gym for a workout, you will want to put thought into what you wear so that you can use your gym time effectively. Not only will the right clothes and footwear make it look like you know what you’re doing in the gym to boost your confidence, but they can also ensure that you have a safer workout with proper form and fewer hazards. Let’s take a closer look at how to select the best workout gear to get on the right track with your fitness.

Go for fitted, not skin tight

Loose, baggy basketball shorts and tank tops may feel comfortable and help hide any problem areas, but these clothes should be reserved as loungewear rather than workout gear. Men and women alike will benefit from choosing clothing that fits close to the body, without being so tight that it restricts circulation. Baggy clothing risks getting caught in machines and riding up as you get moving, whereas fitted clothing will hug your body and support you through your entire workout. While thinking about support, women should take the time to select the right sports bra that prevents excessive bouncing without constricting movements of the upper body.

Avoid jewelry and makeup

Before starting any workout, you should take off any jewelry, remove makeup, and avoid heavily scented perfume, cologne, or deodorant. It might even be wise to remove your wedding ring, which may not get in your way, but could get stuck if your fingers tend to swell during more strenuous cardio activities.

Replace your gym shoes

Your shoes are the foundation of a good workout, so you should not skimp on the right support from your footwear. Don’t let your gym shoes wear to the point of falling apart, and be sure that you have plenty of arch support and shock resistance in your soles. If you’ve had your shoes for more than a year or you see clear signs of wear and tear, consider replacing them to avoid foot pain, stress injuries, and avoidable falls.

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