Occasional stress and anxiety are normal feelings. It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety because of a big presentation at work or an upcoming romantic date. However, anxiety that interrupts your daily life is a sign of a bigger problem. There are several different types of anxiety disorders that affect millions of Americans each year. These include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobia related disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Anxiety disorders are more than some simple worries. They can disrupt personal relationships, work and school obligations, and daily activities. Unfortunately, many people who are struggling with an anxiety disorder don’t recognize that these disorders are treatable and manageable. It’s also important to know that you’re not alone if you are experiencing anxiety-related issues.

If you have noticed any of the following signs, it’s time to reach out for help from a mental healthcare provider. Talk therapy can help manage anxiety symptoms and provide you with coping mechanisms to get through your daily life. 

Common Signs of Anxiety Disorders

  • Nightly sleep is a challenge. You have a hard time getting to sleep, or you frequently wake up throughout the night or experience poor quality sleep.
  • You feel extremely self-conscious in social situations, even among small groups of people.
  • You constantly worry, often about things you can’t control.
  • Muscle tension is a fixture in your life. This type of tension may include clenching the jaw, balling the fists, or experiencing regular aches and pains.
  • You have chronic indigestion.
  • You experience panic attacks.
  • Flashbacks of violent or traumatic situations are common in your life.
  • You have intense fears of specific objects or situations.
  • You have trouble concentrating on different tasks.
  • Stressful situations can be a trigger for heart palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath, or trembling.
  • You experience feelings of doom or being out of control.
  • You’re easily fatigued.
  • You’re frequently irritable or unable to manage your mood.

Help for anxiety is available. MeMD can connect you with a therapist for a web-based consultation you can attend from the comfort of your home or office. Schedule an appointment with a therapist in as little as 24 hours to begin regaining control of your life.


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