Soak up the Sun and Get Fit This Spring
With flowers in bloom and signs of winter fading, an outdoor workout can be just what you need to kick start a season of healthy physical activity. As you warm up your muscles and regain your endurance, use these tips to stay comfortable on your runs, walks, or hikes.

Waterproof your wardrobe

Spring rainstorms and melting ice can create muddy, wet surfaces that may make your workout a bit messy. Instead of sloshing through wet socks and soaked pant legs, invest in some waterproof clothing and shoes. These items will allow you to go anywhere, ensuring that a few puddles do not disrupt your run or hike. You will also want to abandon a heavy winter coat for light layers so that you can shed them on warmer days.

Protect your eyes and skin

The sun is a brighter and more direct in the spring, which means that you will want to be extra careful when it comes to sun protection. Wear sunglasses while you are out and slather on the sunscreen. A wide-brimmed hat is a perfect outdoor accessory to protect your whole face and neck as well as your eyes.

Stay prepared for a workout

In the beautiful weather of spring, you never know when the inspiration may strike to go out for a walk or quick run. Be prepared with a bag in your car that has all the essentials for a great workout. You might also keep non-drowsy antihistamines handy so that spring allergies do not disrupt your exercise routine.

Have you thought about how to get fit this spring? Whether you choose to practice yoga in the park or take daily jogs, you will be doing your body good with the extra activity.


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