Spring is upon us, which means you might be planning to break out the soap and sponges and revitalize your home with the fresh feeling of cleanliness. Not only will spring cleaning give you a more welcoming living environment, but it can also keep you healthier by eliminating allergens, reducing airborne irritants that can make you sick, and preventing food-related illnesses. The tips below will put you on track for a healthy spring cleaning routine that will make it easier to keep your home clean and tidy all year long.

Get organized, then clean


Before you take on deep cleaning, you should organize each room, finding a space for any item that is simply sitting out. Once you have gotten rid of the clutter, you can get down to the serious business of cleaning and disinfecting that will truly refresh your home. Plus, if you set a goal to tidy up at a certain time each week or day, you will have less work later.

Disinfect your kitchen


You probably clean your kitchen fairly often, but you may not think to disinfect cutting boards or clean out the drain in the kitchen sink. These areas can be home to a wide range of different bacteria, so it is important to disinfect with alcohol, vinegar, or the high heat of the dishwasher or microwave. The average cutting board typically has more harmful bacteria on it than the average toilet seat, which can lead to foodborne illness if you neglect proper cleaning.

Clean your cleaning supplies


It’s easy to forget that sponges, mops, and cleaning appliances can get dirty themselves. When you use a mildew-laden washing machine or bacteria-packed sponge, you are really just spreading the germs around, so take the time to scrub the basin of your washing machine, empty the trap in your dishwasher, and microwave sponges for 30 seconds to get a clean start with your spring cleaning.

Focus on neglected areas


While you’re thinking about things that tend to not get cleaned very often, you might look to your bedroom and bathroom for frequently neglected areas that can harbor dust mites, insects (and their droppings), and all kinds of germs. Your mattress, for example, probably doesn’t get cleaned very often. You can remedy this issue by vacuuming the mattress itself and getting a washable cover that you wash monthly in hot water. Other areas to think about cleaning more often include inside the fridge, the shower curtain, and the garbage can.

Opt for natural cleaning products


While you might reach for strong cleaning chemicals during deep spring cleaning, you should try out some all-natural solutions for everyday cleaning. Baking soda, vinegar, and plain water can go a long way in cleansing and deodorizing the kitchen, bathroom, and floors, and these products won’t cause irritation to your skin, eyes, and lungs.

If you are fighting indoor allergies as you take on your spring cleaning, connect with MeMD to find relief that will let you get back to your seasonal chores.


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