Whether you (or your child) are getting ready to go back to high school or college, your fitness may take a backseat to homework and weekend mixers as school gears up. However, taking the time to get enough exercise can actually benefit your academic experience, since physical activity promotes better sleep, improved focus, and an overall more positive self-image. To stay fit and confident as your schedule fills up, try these creative ways of squeezing more activity into your busy routine.

Start walking to school

If you live close enough to walk to class, you should take advantage of this opportunity to get more steps into your day. When walking is out of the question, consider taking a bus to a spot a few blocks from campus to bike or walk the rest of the way. While it’s only a little bit of extra activity, it can be much better and less stressful than driving everywhere.

Join an intramural sports league

There are great ways to enjoy social activity while burning calories. Intramural sports leagues welcome players of all skill levels on college campuses or in certain geographical areas. You don’t even have to get serious with sports like football, basketball or soccer, as many college-aged athletes are enjoying more lighthearted fun with dodgeball or kickball leagues.

Create a routine of short workouts

Sometimes it is hard to designate an hour or two per day to your fitness, but it’s rare that you won’t have at least 15 minutes to get a quick workout in. Training with free weights, going for a quick jog, or using boot camp-style drills are all fast ways to get your heart rate up without compromising too much of your precious time.

Regardless of how you choose to workout, it’s important to get some activity into your day for optimal health. Plus, the stress relief of exercise might be a welcome change in perspective after hours of homework and long classes.


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