With the weather cooling down to mild fall temperatures, you might find yourself shifting your workout routine outdoors for some fresh air and beautiful scenery. As you get moving outside, it’s important to keep an eye – and an ear – out for your safety (statistics show every 2 hours a pedestrian dies in a traffic crash.) So stay observant of your surroundings and be sure to keep these street safety tips in mind to avoid accidents and injuries on the road.

Make yourself visible


Because the sun will set earlier and earlier, you might find yourself out on a run when it gets dark outside. To stay visible, wear reflective clothing or a safety vest and carry a flashlight so that you can see and be seen easily.

Leave the headphones at home


An upbeat playlist can make your workout go by quickly, but wearing headphones might reduce your awareness of surrounding cars, neighborhood pets, and other possible hazards. If you just can’t do without your tunes and do wear headphones, consider leaving one ear uncovered or keeping the volume at a lower setting than you would at the gym.

Team up for your workout


The buddy system is a great method for running outdoors or going on bike rides. With someone out with you, you’ll have a partner to get help in the event of an injury or accident. If you do go for a run solo, be sure to alert a friend or family member when you leave the house and when you return home.

Know the traffic laws


It is best to work out in familiar areas where you know what type of traffic to expect and have an understanding of the specific traffic laws in the neighborhood. When you are exercising alongside moving vehicles, be sure to go against the flow of traffic when on foot and with traffic by bike.

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy routine, and there are tons of great ways to keep moving when the weather cools off. Just remember to play it safe and be aware of your surroundings when you head outside.


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