Pandemic life has introduced many different types of technologies into our homes that are now starting to feel like the new norm. Telehealth visits, for example, have become far more popular over the past year and are likely to continue being a part of medical practices for years to come. However, you may still have a limited view of telemedicine and what it can accomplish… there’s a lot more you can address in a virtual doctor visit than flu symptoms or stomach upset. You can even connect with certain specialists via telehealth, allowing you greater flexibility and control in your self-care and wellness. 

Mental Health

One of the most rapidly growing telehealth services during the pandemic is talk therapy, which can address a wide range of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, caregiver stress, and substance abuse. You can also go deeper into your mental health with telepsychiatry visits, which may include medication management as well.

Approaching therapy and psychiatry visits through a virtual platform can have numerous benefits for your care. Because you won’t have to travel to appointments, you can more easily fit them into a busy schedule. In addition, many people find comfort in the familiar surroundings of their homes or offices during their appointments, which can emphasize a greater focus on the therapy itself. 


Like mental health, sexual wellness has a stigma surrounding it, which can make seeking care more challenging when you need it. Fortunately, telehealth can provide a more approachable space for you to manage your sexual health and address common STD symptoms. Following your web-based visit, your doctor may follow up by ordering laboratory screenings for further diagnosis, or they may prescribe medication right away, depending on your symptoms.

Men’s and Women’s Health

Men and women both need specialized preventive care to stay well in every phase of life. However, preventive and wellness visits are often missed due to busy schedules as well as a lack of awareness of their importance. Virtual men’s health and women’s health services make it possible to manage common issues like low sex drive, birth control, PMS, age-related hormonal changes, cold sores, and much more. Anytime you have an unexpected personal health concern, or you aren’t sure you can get in for your annual checkup, telemedicine can help in a hurry.

Travel Medicine

With the COVID-19 vaccine in greater circulation, international travel may once again be on your radar. However, this type of travel may require some other inoculations to ensure a safe visit. In addition, you may want to prepare your first aid kit with items like anti-nausea medication. You may even find yourself in need of medical care during your travels. For these needs, telehealth has you covered. The best part of telemedicine is that you can access a doctor from anywhere in the world, even if you’re thousands of miles from home.


Skin conditions can show up suddenly and cause severely irritating symptoms like itching, soreness, and sensitivity. Fortunately, many skin rashes are identifiable to a physician based on sight alone. So, if you can get the rash on camera, you can probably get it treated with a telehealth visit. Your doctor can prescribe necessary ointments or other medications to be ready for pickup at your local pharmacy, so you can feel relief without long wait times at the doctor’s office. When you need reliable, secure healthcare in a virtual setting, you can count on MeMD. Visits are always affordable (even without insurance), and it only takes a few minutes to set up an account and get an appointment with a licensed medical or mental health provider!


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