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Is It Time to Nix the Nightcap?

Does your nighttime routine include pouring a drink before heading off to bed? Turns out that evening scotch or late-night glass of wine could be having profound effects on your sleep and health...

Cheers! A New Study Finds That Alcohol Can Boost Your Memory...

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to crack open a cold one or pour yourself a cocktail after a hard study session, science may be on your side...

What Does Your Favorite Movie Say About Your Health?

When you curl up on the couch and browse Netflix for some on-screen entertainment, you may not think much about how your movie choice reflects on your health.

Modern Ways to Stay Safe on College Campuses

While many college campuses are very safe, stay prepared for any situation and keep the crime statistics low at your school by using these modern tips for personal safety.

Tequila: 4 Health Benefits You Might Not Know About

Perhaps you're familiar with the dreaded aftermath of overindulging on tequila, but do you know about the many health benefits this drink has to offer?