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Can Telehealth Provide Better Outcomes than In-Person Care?

For decades, doctors have over prescribed antibiotics, which has paved the way for a rise in drug-resistant bacteria. So how do we handle over-prescription and antibiotic misuse? Turns out telehealth may hold the key.

The Rise of the Superbugs

Without the proper diagnosis, antibiotic-resistant bacteria can turn what starts out as a manageable infection into a hard to treat superbug disease...

Quiz: Do You Need to Take Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are a modern day marvel - but only work when taken properly. Find out if you should or shouldn't be popping pills with this quick quiz.

Bacteria: Does a Body Good

Trillions of microorganisms live in the human body and bacteria is one that gets a bad rep - but it does more good in the human body than you might think!

Antibiotic Resistance: Can This Global Threat Be Contained?

A global study shows resistance to once helpful antibiotics is causing more deaths each year. According to the CDC, drug resistant germs infect about ...