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Can Exercise Ward Off Dementia?

It’s no secret that exercise is good for your health, and even better, there’s no age limit on the benefits that exercise can have on the brain.

Eating Mushrooms is Good for Your Mental Health

New study shows that eating mushrooms may cut risk of cognitive decline in half. There is no single miracle food that can dramatically improve your...

Here’s Why it’s Better to Workout in the Morning

Instead of breaking promises to fit in a workout in the evening, here's why it's more beneficial to your body and your brain to start your day with fitness...

Spotlight on Alzheimer’s Awareness

Many people are familiar with Alzheimer’s disease, because they’ve had the devastating experience of seeing a loved one struggle with it. However, even those who’ve encountered Alzheimer’s may not fully understand what it is, how it affects the brain, or even how it develops in the first place.

What Physical Activity Does for Your Cognitive Health

Need another reason to motivate yourself to hit the gym? Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent cognitive decline later in life, and it can also boost your brain power in your prime years...

These are the Best (and Worst) Foods for Your Mental Wellbeing

Most of the energy you use daily is consumed by brain activity. So it makes sense that what you eat has a profound effect on the way your brain works—in fact, there is a direct connection between your diet and how you feel...

What Happens When You Pull an All Nighter?

Almost everyone has pulled an all nighter at some point in their lives—but what happens to your body when you don’t get the sleep you need and what are the long term effects?

How to Avoid Brain Injury Associated With Concussions

How do you know if you've suffered a concussion? Learn to quickly recognize the signs and symptoms - and what you should do in the instance you're concussed.

Why Won’t Your Brain Let You Diet?

Regardless of the specific parameters of a diet, there is one thing that all diet programs have in common: Your brain will resist them.

Is It Possible to Increase Your Intelligence?

People tend to think of intelligence as a static trait; you get what you are born with and you can’t do much to expand on it. However, there are indications that intelligence may be more fluid than people expect.
Is Your Brain Getting Enough Exercise?

Is Your Brain Getting Enough Exercise?

There are a wide variety of brain exercises you can do regularly to keep your mind sharp and focused, use these four tips to keep your brain healthy.