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5 Ways to Boost Your Morning Coffee

While you may not have been quick to embrace a dollop of butter in your coffee, you might find that these healthy boosts to your morning java are just what you need to start your day.

Quiz: Which item has more caffeine?

You may be surprised to discover how many products other than coffee actually contain caffeine. Take our quiz to test your caffeine knowledge!

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Pumpkin spice season—formerly known as autumn—is upon us, which means that you might be adding about 400 calories to your daily routine by indulging...

Is Your Morning Coffee Saving Your Life?

As it turns out, that cup of coffee could be doing more than giving you a caffeine boost to start your morning. Recent research shows coffee drinkers...

Cut the Calories in Your Favorite Holiday Drinks

Holiday drinks can be sneaky source of weight gain - here are a few tips for reducing excess calories while you still enjoy the best flavors of the season...

Perk Up Coffee Lovers, Java’s Good for Your Health

Do you love the smell of coffee in the morning? By enjoying your daily cup of joe, you may begin to notice some of these health perks.