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Feeling Alone in College? Here’s How Students Can Cope with Loneliness

Leaving for college is an exciting transition in life, but after the excitement wears off, you may feel isolated—but there are steps you can take to cope.

The Case for Telehealth Services on College Campuses

Even with health coverage, today’s college students may find it difficult or nearly impossible to find convenient medical or behavioral health care on campus...

Record Numbers of College Students Are Seeking Mental Health Treatment —...

But can schools keep up? Many students are left without the resources they need to seek help and a common consequence is students simply dropping out...

Modern Ways to Stay Safe on College Campuses

While many college campuses are very safe, stay prepared for any situation and keep the crime statistics low at your school by using these modern tips for personal safety.

7 Ways to Take Charge of Your Health in College

Here’s a look at the ways that you can stay responsible with your health decisions while still getting the complete college student experience.