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Here’s What Should Be in Your Medicine Cabinet in Case of...

Here’s a look at what you should keep on hand in your medicine cabinet to stay ready for future emergencies or natural disasters.

Cost-Savings of Telemedicine [Infographic]

Discover the cost-benefit of using tele-emergency to avoid patient transfers from rural hospitals in our latest infographic...

Telemedicine + Pediatrics, The New Kid On the Block

The American Academy of Pediatrics voiced its support for a study which concluded that telehealth is equally effective as in-person care for pediatric cases.

Telemedicine: A Vital Solution

Telemonitoring can be used in the home, at the scene of a medical emergency, in transit via ambulance, and in the hospital setting to measure patient vitals.

What Are the Best Foods for an Auto Emergency Kit?

When you pack a car kit for roadside emergencies, include these staples to make sure that you have plenty to eat and drink while you wait for help.

Be Disaster Aware During National Preparedness Month

How prepared is your home for a natural disaster? Use these tips to stay ready for emergencies no matter what Mother Nature sends your way!