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The Business Case for Virtual Primary Care

Discover how incorporating virtual primary care into your current healthcare program can actually boost the bottom line.

Why Telebehavioral Health is a Critical Benefit

Employees view quality of life as a key factor in where they devote their time and talent, which is why supporting workers’ mental health is a key factor in retaining and attracting new talent.

How Employers Can Leverage Telehealth Beyond Urgent Care

Post-pandemic telehealth has expanded its scope dramatically and proven its value and efficacy across the healthcare continuum–well beyond urgent care.

The Burnout Epidemic: How Virtual Care Can Help

A problem long before COVID-19, pandemic-related stress and anxiety have brought burnout to a fever pitch. Telehealth has emerged as a solution for burnout and other mental health concerns.

Returning to Work: Q&A on At-Home COVID-19 Testing for Businesses

Dr. Lorenzo, answers common questions about how PCR testing works, why it’s critical, and how employers can leverage this and other tools to determine workplace readiness.

How Employers Can Improve Profitability Through a Combination of Telebehavioral Health...

Telebehavioral health overcomes barriers of traditional in-person care and enables employees to get mental health care in a matter of days – vs. weeks or months...

New Calculator Helps Employers Quantify Cost of Untreated Mental Health Issues

A new online calculator from MeMD gives business owners an idea of the cost of mental health issues – at the micro level – along with a solution for improving employees’ mental and emotional health.

The Powerful Impact of Telebehavioral Health in High-Risk Industries

While mental health is a widespread concern for employers nationwide, some industries are especially at risk for high rates of behavioral health concerns like anxiety, depression, substance misuse and suicide.

Five Trickle-Down Effects of a Smart Telehealth Program

The high cost of healthcare is putting a dent in business’ profitability and employees’ discretionary income – and all signs indicate that spending will continue to grow. Telehealth, too, is experiencing explosive growth, but this growth saves people money and boosts the bottom line...

Study Reveals Employee Health Issues Cost Employers More Than $500 Billion...

A new study by the Integrated Benefits Institute revealed that unhealthy employees are costing businesses 1.4 billion days of missed work and $530 billion in lost productivity each year.

Reduce the Stigma of Talk Therapy to Maximize Productivity

The stigma of mental health treatment runs deep. Employers should be leading the charge in breaking it, as it keeps employees from being their best, both at home and at work. As it has long been proven, simply offering mental health benefits isn’t enough...

Telehealth and Self-Insurance: A Match Made in Heaven

With the ongoing rise in health insurance costs – not to mention the uncertainty about America’s healthcare industry – many companies are shifting to self-insurance. A self-funded health plan can save considerable money each year, especially for businesses that provide access to cost-effective options like telehealth.

Symptom vs. Cause: The Importance of Root Cause Analysis in...

Americans are self-medicating or depending heavily on prescribed drugs in order to feel better. But treating the symptoms instead of dealing with underlying mental and emotional issues is making matters worse...

Why Employers Nationwide are Incorporating Teletherapy into Benefits Packages

Telebehavioral health services enable companies to improve productivity, save money and remove barriers to mental health care...

Why Employers are Incorporating Telebehavioral Health into Broader Benefits Packages

As the nationwide focus on mental health continues to grow, businesses are taking notice and incorporating telebehavioral health solutions into their existing health benefits packages. While telehealth provides important benefits to employees, the service is advantageous for businesses for a number of reasons...

How to Get Your Employees on Board with Telehealth

The benefits of telehealth services are plentiful and proven. Get your employees on board – and help them reap the benefits of 24/7 access with these 6 tips...

Growing Pains in Telemedicine

As the telehealth industry continues to gain momentum, it has been met with some growing pains, one of the most overlooked being an internet connection...

Telehealth Utilization in the Workplace

Telemedicine services are gaining rapid popularity with employers looking to optimize the throughput of their workforce by offering the health benefit.

Telehealth Redefining Worker’s Comp

Companies with rural employees have begun to introduce telemedicine in an effort to receive faster treatment for employees, while also lowering the costs.