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What are the Advanced Treatments for Dry Eyes?

If you have been extremely diligent with basic dry eye treatments and still can't find relief, read on for the basic explanations on more advanced treatments that are available and may work for you...

What Types of Artificial Tears Should I Use?

Not sure what type of eye drops you need? Dr. Caitlin Morrison discusses which artificial tears may work best for various types of dry eye and can easily be found in local drugstore...

Why Are My Eyes So Dry?

Dr. Caitlin Morrison discusses the various symptoms and types of dry eye and how patients can use basic tools to treat this condition at home...

What Causes Eye Twitching?

An eyelid twitch, which can feel like an involuntary shutter or a shiver in the eye, can be related to one or more of the following common causes...

When It Comes to Sports Safety, the Eyes Have It

While any injury can be a season-ending incident for an athlete, eye injuries are particularly impactful, since eyes do not heal like the rest of the body.

Bad Habits Among Contact Lens Wearers

Take a closer look at some of the biggest mistakes seen among contact lens wearers so you can build a better routine for your eye health and avoid infection.

How to Avoid Technology Related Health Issues

In today's tech-savvy world, tech-related health risks associated with prolonged computer or smart phone use are prevalent, here's what you can do to avoid issues.

4 Overlooked Elements of Eye Health

If you haven't thought about your eye health recently, consider these frequently neglected aspects of ocular health and see how to take care of your vision.

See You Later Diabetic Retinopathy, Teleophthalmology is Here

Teleophthalmology provides a convenient, cost-effective solution for eye exams for patients with diabetes - and could be the key to saving their sight.

Telehealth Helps Send Patients to Specialists

If patients can be encouraged to seek care from a specialist when their condition is in its early states, telemedicine will help reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and healthcare costs.
Why Do We Cry?

Why Do We Cry?

Whether you’re watching the latest Nicholas Sparks’ movie, chopping an onion or stressing out, this common body function could be serving a number of purposes.
Why Do We Have Eyebrows and Eyelashes?

Why Do We Have Eyebrows and Eyelashes?

If you take a long look in the mirror and really focus on your eyebrows and eyelashes, these fuzzy features may begin to look...
Foods for healthy eyes

Foods that Promote Healthy Eyes

You may have heard that carrots are good for your eyes, but there is actually a plethora of foods you should be eating to keep your peepers in tip-top shape.
simple eye exercises

3 Simple Exercises for Your Eyes

Even if you are a physically active individual, there may be a major part of your body that you are neglecting to work out: your eyes.
Eye symptoms can indicate more serious problems

Health Brief: Eye Symptoms that Can Indicate Serious Problems

If eyes are not cared for properly, you may experience vision loss. Here are five key signs of eye problems, that could require emergency medical attention.