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8 Spooky Healthy Treats for Halloween

Halloween treats aren’t always healthy, but there are some easy ways to turn more wholesome ingredients into spooky treats that won’t weigh you down...

How Does the Changing Season Affect Your Health?

You may know that winter is the harbinger of flu season, but you might not realize that cold, stormy weather can also take the following effects on your body...

Healthy Fall Produce to Add to Your Grocery List

Cold weather doesn't mean you'll have to go without fresh produce this fall. Here’s some of the best seasonal produce to add to your grocery list.

Addicted to PSLs? Get Your Fix – The Healthy Way

Pumpkin spice season—formerly known as autumn—is upon us, which means that you might be adding about 400 calories to your daily routine by indulging...

Frightening Fitness – Overcoming Common Workout Fears

Take a closer look at a few common fitness fears and the strategies you can use to ban them from your workout routine.

Health Benefits of Pumpkins and Winter Squash

Pumpkins are actually a much more versatile and healthy ingredient than you might think - tap into their health benefits all season long with these recipes.

Tips for Safely Carving Pumpkins

At Halloween, one of the most common injuries is cuts caused by pumpkin carving. Avoid injury this jack-o-lantern season by following these safety tips.

Street Safe Tips for Fall Fitness

Stats show a pedestrian dies in a traffic crash every 2 hours. Avoid injuries on the road by keeping these safety tips in mind when working out outside.

Frighteningly Fattening Foods of Fall

It starts innocently enough with a few pieces of Halloween candy, but rarely ends there. Here are some of the worst culprits for autumn weight gain ...

Delicious Dishes You Never Thought to Make with Vegetables

Looking for some tasty ways to get the nutrients you need from veggies? Try these dishes that incorporate veggies in a sneaky and delicious way!

Staying Fit this Back-to-School Season

As classes gear up you might notice your fitness take a backseat. However, taking the time to get enough exercise can ultimately benefit your academics...
4 fun and healthy fall activities

4 Fun and Healthy Fall Activities

Get outdoors and enjoy the cooler weather this fall season with these family-friendly and festive calorie burners.