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Brave the Cold—You’ll Burn More Calories

When it's cold out all you want to do is curl up in a blanket, but by doing the exact opposite and braving the cold for a workout, you can burn way more calories than you would in more temperate weather.

Stress-Busting Workouts

Exercise can make you feel good in a variety of ways (we're looking at you endorphins!) and can be a great stress-buster. These three workouts will help you combat even the most stressful day...

Back to Back Fitness

  If you’ve ever experienced back pain, chances are, your doctor has recommended exercise to relieve your pain. Or maybe you don’t have back pain...

Outfitting Yourself for Success: How to Pick the Right Workout Gear

Dressing for success shouldn’t be a motto exclusive to the workplace. Here's how to select the best workout gear to keep you on track with your fitness goals...

Embrace the Summer Season with Paddle Sports

Kayaking, canoeing, or standing paddle board. You can beat the summer heat and have some fun with these sports, while also getting in a great workout.

3 Energy Boosting Workouts

Too tired to even think about exercising? Wake yourself up with the following easy workouts for those days when you just want to crawl back into bed...

No Sweat Workouts

It’s a frequent misconception that you need to break a sweat to see results from your workout - here are three workouts that won't have you saying "let's hit the showers" when you're done...

Why Does Working Out Make You Feel Good?

If you've ever taken out a bad day on the nearest treadmill, you know that there's something to be said about sweating it out - but are endorphins to thank?

Stretching Your Fitness

You may see stretching as an accessory to other workouts, but that's where you'd be wrong. Here's why so many stretch-based classes are gaining popularity...

2017’s Fitness Fad Forecast

With a new year comes a new list of diets, workouts, and health trends that promise to help you meet those resolutions you may...

3 Reasons to Exercise Outside this Winter

If you feel your motivation to work out diminishing as the temperature drops, you should consider all the ways winter exercise can offer something extra.

Is It Better to Sleep In or Work Out?

If you find yourself deciding between hitting the gym or hitting the snooze button, ask yourself these questions to make the right call for your health.

Post-Workout Skincare

Working out can leave skin feeling unpleasant. To combat the stress that exercise has on your skin, create a better post-workout skin routine with these tips.

Weird Ways Exercise Can Affect Your Body

There are some strange effects that exercise can have on your body, and may cause you to wonder if you're on the right track with your workout.

Jumping on the Exercise App Gaming Craze

Over Pokémon Go? To enjoy the same fitness benefits of smartphone-motivated exercise without catching 'em all, try out these apps to help you stay fit.

Olympic Inspired Workouts

It's hard not to feel inspired to kick-up your workout when Olympic coverage overtakes your TV. Refresh your gym routine with these Olympic fitness tips...

Why Do Your Muscles Feel Sore the Day After Your Workout?

You got an intense workout in at the gym and you're feeling great! That is until you wake up the next morning barely able to move. What's the deal? Find out in this week's Body Odd piece...

Define Your Workout with the Right Music

Humans are highly receptive to music, so your gym playlist really can have a substantial and measurable influence on how much you get out of your workout.

Do you actually need to see a doctor before starting a...

"Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program." You’ve likely seen this disclaimer before – but do you really need to follow this advice?

2016’s Fitness Fads

If your New Year’s resolution revolves around fitness, you might look into some of the following trends that will be big in 2016.