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Treating the Flu Through Telemedicine

Since seeking care upon the onset of symptoms shortens the duration of the flu, many people have found ehealthcare to be a stress-free way to treat the flu.

Quiz: Do you have a Cold or the Flu?

Sometimes it's difficult to figure out if the bug you’ve got is a cold or the dreaded flu. Take our quiz to get a better idea of what might be ailing you.

Choosing the Right Medication to Treat Your Flu

Behold the cold and flu aisle, stocked with products that promise to ease congestion, fevers and sore throats - but which will be the most effective for you?

Quiz: Test Your Flu I.Q.

Influenza is a condition that affects young and old alike. But how much do you really know about the flu virus? Test your knowledge with this true or false quiz.

The 5 Diseases That Should Scare You More Than Ebola

While Ebola is a concern, it is unlikely to become widespread in the United States. On the other hand, these five diseases closer to home should trouble you.

Enterovirus D68: What You Need to Know

It starts off like the common cold, but unlike other viral illnesses, D68 is causing widespread hospitalization of children. Get more familiar with this rapidly spreading illness.
Is It Just The Flu? 4 Signs You Should See The Doctor

Is It Just The Flu? 4 Signs You Should See a...

The flu season is in full swing in the U.S., with activity reaching epidemic levels in most states. Most cold and flu symptoms subside...
How to Ease Cold Symptoms at Home

How to Ease Cold Symptoms at Home

Cold and flu season is here, so you might get your home ready with some simple cold remedies that can relieve your symptoms and...
Health Brief: 4 Flu Prevention Misconceptions

Health Brief: 4 Flu Prevention Misconceptions

When it comes to flu prevention, many of us believe in old wives’ tales and health myths. What we believe to be flu prevention tactics may not prevent flu at all, and some of these ideas may actually be harmful to our health!
6 Flu-Fighting Foods and Drinks

6 Flu-Fighting Foods and Drinks

What you eat and drink can impact flu prevention, ease symptoms and speed up recovery. Try these flu-fighting foods when you begin to feel sick.
4 Signs You Are Too Sick To Work Out

4 Signs You Are Too Sick To Work Out

For healthy individuals, moderate exercise may help you to fight off infections like cold and flu. But when you are getting sick or are currently infected with a cold or flu, should you continue to work out?
True or False? Leaving the house with wet hair can make you sick.

Fact vs. Fiction: 4 Cold Weather Health Myths Exposed

Brrr! Don’t let colder temperatures cloud your thinking. Are you guilty of buying into winter health myths? Explore the truth behind four common old wives’ tales.
Have Scientists Unlocked The Flu’s Secret?

Have Scientists Unlocked The Flu’s Secret?

Influenza’s truly insidious nature has been revealed. Scientists have discovered that the virus is able to infect its host by first killing off the cells of the immune system that are actually best equipped to neutralize the virus.
Sick with the flu

Health Brief: Flu Season 2013

After a couple of relatively mild seasons, this year's flu is making headlines. Flu season hit about a month early, and illness is now widespread...
Chili spiced chicken soup

Healthy Eats: Chili-Spiced Chicken Soup with Avocado Relish

Not only will the fresh, high-impact flavors found in this recipe give you a soup with a made-from-scratch taste that cannot be beat - it might even help clear your sinuses!
flue season comes early

Flu Season Comes Early

The number of states reporting widespread flu activity has doubled to eight in the past week, according to this update from the Centers for...
The Weekend Workout: Super-Exercises That Boost Your Immune System

The Weekend Workout: Super-Exercises That Boost Your Immune System

Keeping your immune system fully functioning is one of the most important ways to prevent disease, and studies have shown that one of the...

Health Brief: Arm Yourself This Cold and Flu Season

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -“ (November 18, 2011) Despite great strides in modern medicine, there are still no known cures for the common cold or the...